Saturday, February 25, 2017

What does light have to do with photography and photograph?

I was studying my science quizlet on growing and flowing vocabulary flashcards, one of the questions was about phototropism. Phototropism: The tendency for a plant to grow towards light.
I know that the prefix "photo" is used in "photosynthesis" and based on this I can infer that "photo" means light. So what does photography or photograph have to do with light?

After some research I found that,
"Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation." - Wikipedia
This helps me understand that by taking a picture you are recording light. That is why the prefix "photo" is used in the words photography and photograph!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

How Soil Conservation Could Affect Our Lives in 2050

In Social Studies this week we learned about Black Death.  I was wondering, "How many people did the Black Death kill?" and said,
"In the 14th century, a devastating plague known as the Black Death claimed an estimated 75 million lives." -
I know that the earth's population is about 7 billion people. And I remember a while back, we learned about how to conserve the soil. I found a website that stated why soil conservation is so important.
"Our team is tasked to solve this problem: 'How to feed the 7 billion people already on Earth today plus another 3 billion by 2050?' Feed 10 billion. And we can’t wait till 2050 to start. The clock’s ticking. We’re already at the tipping point. We must start planning now." -
This research made me wonder, will we lose a good amount of earth's population in 2050?
I will be alive then, will we go through the population loss that Europe went through in 1348?
After that, I searched for all the ways that are/could be used to conserve the soil.
1) Plant Trees
2) Build Terraces
3) No-till farming
4) Contour Plowing
5) Crop Rotation
6) Maintain soil pH
7) Watering
8) Salinity Management
9) Promote helpful Soil organisms
10) Grow indigenous crops
Many of these strategies that were listed, I learned in class. But I did not know numbers 6,8, or 10. I found that, "The contamination of soil by addition of acidic or basic pollutants and due to acid rains has an adverse effect on the soil pH. Soil pH is an indicator of the level of nutrients in soil. The uptake of nutrients by plants also depends on the pH of soil. Maintaining the correct value of soil pH, is thus essential for soil conservation."
This makes so much more sense, I understand the purpose of maintaining soil ph. But before reading this article, I did not know that pH was an indicator of soil nutrients, and by keeping track of this, we know if plants can grow here.

This is an image of a soil pH tester

I also found that salinity management Is important because, "The salinity of soil increases due to excessive accumulation of salts in the soil. This has a negative effect on the metabolism of crops. The salinity of soil is detrimental to the vegetative life in it. The death of vegetation leads to soil erosion. Hence, salinity management is an indirect way of conserving soil."
I did not know that there are actually salts in the soil, but I do know that salt (not the same one that is used in the soil) causes high blood pressure. But I didn't know it affected the metabolism of crops!!! I didn't even know crops have metabolism!!! I now know that by managing the salinity in the soil, we can help prevent erosion and plant death.

I also found that, "Planting native crops is beneficial for soil conservation. If non-native plants are grown, fields should be bordered by indigenous crops to prevent soil erosion, thus achieving soil conservation." -buzzle.comI never knew this! I guess this explains why I can't row avocadoes in my backyard! I didn't know that by planting native crops we can help prevent soil erosion. Fascinating! 😄

In conclusion, I have found more information on ways to help conserve the soil, and because I can see what a big impact the soil could make on the human population in the future, I am going to water the plants this weekend!
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